Friday, September 26, 2008

propeller media works, burlington, vermont

Propeller Media Works

Flickr user rvrzl has several photos of his workplace posted to his account. He writes:

the company is propeller media works, out of burlington vermont. the owner is david gibson. i'm a design/front end developer.

The office is clearly in an old industrial structure and has great light, great brick, great posts, beams, and planks!

Propeller Media Works

Propeller Media Works

Their office furniture looks to be a mix of ordinary panel workstations. What is interesting here is that the panels are still arranged to create an open office environment. Are you saddled with an old panel system? Well it does not mean that you can't reconfigure to transform the environment.

Propeller Media Works

i know it used to be a yoga studio. originally the 2nd room with the art in it was the office, then the yoga people moved out and we bought the yoga studio and combined them.

you'll also notice a spiral staircase in the room with the art in it. that goes downstairs to an office area and a game room, with a door that leads out into the crazy underbelly of the old factory building with a lot of really sick old architecture including a crazy boiler room with a ridiculously crazy smoke stack.

Make sure to stop by the Propeller site and take the Studio Tour.

rvrzl's flickr set

Propeller Media Works

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