Tuesday, September 23, 2008

metropol desk system by vitra


Metropol is the desk system that was used in the previously posted SEI Headquarters here on workalicious. Its an advanced desk system that anticipates and accommodates technology. That sounds like a fancy claim for what looks like an ordinary desk, four legs, wood top - whats the deal with this?

There are 3 main features that separate Metropol from a plain old desk:

Number one: massive under desk tray. We are not just talking about a wire basket. This is a metal tray that is nearly the size of the desk top. Its big enough to handle the tangles of wires, as well as your router, or hub, the damn power bricks for all your accessories, usb hubs, and you could even fit a backup drive under there if it was a single drive enclosure. Easy in and out for wires means you cell phone charging station can plug in down there too.


Number two: off desk utility rail. Do I like off desk rails or what? Metropol's is the best. There are a wide range of tools for the rail including a basic shelf, letter size in/out bins, larger trays, phone platforms, video display shelfs, task light mounts - in other words a way to get much of the loose crap off your desk to make way for the more transient work at hand.


Number three: accessory surface interface. Metropol offers a range of accessory surfaces that link up to the main desk. This can be as substantial as a meeting table with power and data, or a small pivoting coffee tray to keep your spills away from your laptop.This lets you transform your desk from a single surface to a more effective work station.


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