Sunday, September 21, 2008

h20 desks by bulo

H20 Desks by Bulo

Description from the Bulo site:

In 1994, Bulo invited the Antwerp-based architect duo Claire Bataille and Paul ibens to design a desk. The duo came up with H2O, a simple piece that can be configured in various ways. H2O is a timeless rendition of the classic worktable: a plain rectangular, adjustable top with an aluminum support. H2O equals transparency, timelessness and simplicity. The table can function equally well as a work, meeting or dining table and fits in both classic and modern interiors.

H20 Desks by Bulo

H2O HUB is developed in reponse to the ever increasing demand for work platforms.Table modules in different sizes can be used as stand-alone units or can be linked together. In that case the legs in the middle are replaced by a central support. A highly user friendly cable management and a series of shelves and screens allow the user to personalise its work space.

H20 Desks by Bulo

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