Thursday, August 21, 2008

vitra monowall - vertical desk concept

Vitra Ad Hoc MonoWall

Vitra's Monowall desk system is a unique workstation configuration whereby the computer, monitor, binders, files, phone, printer, task light, cell phone charger, and all the other wired equipment and other paraphernalia is taken off your desk and located it on a vertical workstation element. This frees your desk for task work and impromptu meetings.

A key element of this is the close relationship between the mobile desk top, and the deep desk height lower shelf of the monowall. The mobile desk can roll under the shelf allowing you to approach your computer just as you would at a normal desk. And the mobile table is at a keyboard tray height giving you a very large area to work with your keyboard and mouse.

Vitra Ad Hoc MonoWall

Your desk now freed of all those heavy wired boxes that chain it to a fixed location is now free to move about the office. Have you ever wanted to just turn your desk towards the window on a sunny day, or just reorient yourself for a few hours to write some notes? Just so you can feel like you are in a different place when you don't have to be staring at the computer? How about have a quick meeting at your desk without having to walk down the hall to a conference room? Monowall makes that possible. Look at these scenarios from Vitra's brochures:

Vitra Ad Hoc MonoWall

You get in to the office in the morning and check your email. Later in the day a few colleagues stop by to review a team project. In the afternoon you take a break from the computer screen to make some notes for tomorrow.

Viitra Monowall

Its also tremendously flexible in the home. Its great for somebody that works from home, say a small apartment, without a dedicated space for your office. The vertical desk takes little floor area, and the mobile desk doubles as your dining table. In the morning breakfast at your oval table. Start your workday checking email at your monowall. Later a sales rep comes by, you roll your desk out for an quick meeting. That evening a friend comes for dinner, candles and china take over the table.



Now the bad news. Vitra has stopped making this system. Their mobile tables are still made, part of the Ad Hoc system, but not the Mono Wall. The good news is its easy to recreate with widely available shelving systems and table desks equipped with casters. We'll look at some shelf systems and tables with that in mind in upcoming posts.

Since we have no Monowall link for you we'll send you to look at the rest of Vitra's very cool Ad Hoc System.

Viitra Monowall

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