Friday, August 15, 2008

stoa modular rail system by herman miller

Stoa Modular Rail System

I love this desk accessory. The name of the game with desks is getting all your crap off the work surface, so you have room to spread out and work. That's right, make room for more crap... Well, anyway that kind of function and kit of parts selection of accessories is usually only available in the world of complex (and expensive) office furniture systems. However this aluminum rail system by Herman Miller brings that functionality to any old desk, even yours, like that one right now in front of you.

Stoa Modular Rail SystemStoa Modular Rail System

And it can wall mount too, and I'm sure you will find a place where that is just the thing you need.

Stoa Modular Rail System

I'm guessing that Herman Miller's product is not inexpensive, but it seems like this is someplace where Ikea could really shine. And somehow I think a clever person could make their own, or hack something together using one of many available kitchen accessory systems. Have you hacked your own accessory system? If so lets see it.

Stoa Modular Rail System

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