Sunday, August 31, 2008

sei investments


The offices of SEI Investments in Oaks, PA, a short distance outside of Philadelphia, are housed in a series of large barn like structures. Within these office barns the workspace is completely open, without partitions and without hierarchy. Desks and local storage are mobile and a system of power distribution drops power and network down to the desks from over head. Its unlike any corporate office space that came before it and in fact has many of the characteristics of smaller businesses we've been looking at here on workalicious.


Around the periphery of the larger open office spaces are smaller spaces for meetings and other support functions. The desks used in the open offices are from the Metropol system by Vitra. Generally not sold as a mobile desk, these were specially modified with large castors to make a mobile version for SEI. We'll have to take a closer look at Metropol later as its an interesting desk with an off desk accessory rail like several systems we've already shown.

The resultant office environment is radical - a large field of open desks, coils of wires coming down from overhead, large ducts crossing steel trusses, and ample daylight everywhere. Some dislike it, but others find it invigorating. I know I do.

See more photos at the architect's site (flash, follow portfolio, work, SEI)


  1. Love the idea of small trees scattered throughout...

  2. Yeah - it really makes the space more livable. They give you scale, and they actually divide the space into smaller pieces which stops it from feeling so vast.


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