Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ok, what's it really about?

What is it really all about? Well, its about the fact that you spend a big chunk of your day in the workplace, and so shouldn't it be someplace that you enjoy spending that time? And the workplace, it really should be working for you, right? Similar to the way your home works for you, but not the same. Your home has to help you find rest and comfort. Your workplace has to help you get your stuff done. It has to help you be creative when you need to be, it has to help you concentrate when that's your task, it has to help you be distracted when you need that too. And very often it needs to help you work with others, or survive being with them all day. It has to let you get the most out of them, and them the most out of you, because we're all coming there to work after all. Its about your perfect machine for working, and we're not talking about a sweatshop here, but the idea that working is just another side of living, and the broad range of activities that entails. Activities that might even include enjoyment, and satisfaction, and inspiration. What a concept for work!

So we are going to look at places that make compelling workplaces, places in the news, and on the internet, and places we've seen, and maybe even your place. And we're going to look at the stuff we work with, the chairs, and tables, and desks, and tools, and tech, and walls, and floors, and anything else you lay your hands or feet on at work. And we're going to talk about it all and see if we can't all get a little better at making ourselves that perfect machine for working, something that makes it worth showing up every morning.

Are you up for that? Then come along.

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