Thursday, August 28, 2008

new kimball office system - hum

Kimball Office - Hum

A new desk based office system from Kimball Office called Hum looks really great. Is it just my imagination or is it trying to look a bit like its sitting on saw-horses, like something us small office/home office workers would put together? I think there is a bit of a trend in play where by the styling of office systems are trying to capture the spontaneous nature of ad hoc office furniture - its an anti-cubical kind of thing. We'll have to watch for that and identify it when we see it!

Kimball Office - Hum

Generally all the group worksations are based on this kind of organization - a spine with low partition and shelves, a convex shaped work top, and end caps that can be claimed by either side or used on a temporary basis by a visitor.

Kimball Office - Hum

They can do the three sided workstation groups which seem to be all the rage since Herman Miller's Resolve was based on this geometry.

Kimball Office - Hum

Visit their web site for many more photos, and several downloadable PDF brochures on the system. I must say their documents for Hum have a very Vitra vibe to them!

Kimball Office Hum

Hum presentation

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