Friday, August 29, 2008

lamidesign offices - full disclosure


Reader Sara Krohn writes to Justin and I and says:

Why don't your offices have paper all over them?

Why does my office have paper all over it?

I'd be lucky to get to this state:

First of all Sara, we have not shown our offices. All the workplaces shown on the site to date belong to others. Second of all, my own office is much more cluttered than those images you linked to. I can't speak for Justin, because he runs a tight ship, but for me work and ideas flow better when the surfaces are, well, lets just call it "lubricated." Full disclosure - the LamiDesign office in Merchantville, NJ.


A couple of things to describe. We are working on Vitra Ad Hoc mobile tables, and we have created a monolithic DIY vertical desk with the help of an industrial cantilever shelf system. You can see we have a host of surface hogging equipment elevated to a deep shelf above the desk height surface. We have all our wired paraphernalia permanently docked on the shelves, and our desks loose to move about the cabin. Our shelves are packed with reference material and product literature, and yes Sara there is crap everywhere. Hope you're happy. We'll review all these products in more detail in the future.


I think in a coworking situation you have much more responsibility to others to keep your space presentable. Not so here and it shows I'm afraid. But that is what this site is about - reaching for a workplace that works for you. For some that space has got to be neat, and for others not so. Where do you fall? Let us know in comments.

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