Thursday, August 14, 2008

invisible creature creative workspace

invisible creature offices

Every so often I come across photos of what I think is an inspiring workplace, and I'll grab the photos or post it to my ideablog. This space was one such find. This is the office space of graphics/web design firm Invisible Creature from Seattle. I came across the images in an interview with the owners that appeared in design blog Grain Edit.

I find this space inspiring because of its creative energy, walking that tight-rope between an explosion and internal combustion. Its a great example of the kind of controlled chaos that many find an inspiring atmosphere for creative work. i know my workplace is often in this kind of state, however with a larger scale of pieces of things tacked up.

invisible creature offices

I'm going to try and continuously post examples like this and I hope to foster some discusion about what we find inspiring or motivating about these workplaces. If you know of any, have found one on the web, or want to share your own by all means contact me.

Invisible Creature

Grain Edit's interview

Grain Edit's Flickr images of the studio

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