Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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There was a discussion on the design community PushPullBar about "Ideal working spaces" which is a great topic when you have a bunch of designers. Jimmern described his office situation seen in the panoramic photo above.

"Kontorfelleskap" is the norwegian word for sharing an office with others - "co-working" if you will. It's fairly common and popular here among smaller offices.
I've been sitting in an open office landscape for 13 years professionally, and more or less throughout my 5 years of school before that. I don't think I would enjoy having a cubicle, or even the fabled 'corner office with a window' you always see on american tv series.
You need a place you can go to have a private phone call sometimes, or a heated business call (yelling at a contractor). Otherwise you get pretty far with a pair of good headphones when you need to concentrate (also as a signal to "leave me alone"). A common lunchtime is a great way to take your mind off of work by talking to the gang, or if you want you can discuss work issues with others to get their opinions. Lunch is an important part of our workday here.
We have two new product designers moving in with us next month. That will be about the optimum number of people in this space (8). Unfortunately we have to find a new office in February as they are renovating this building. We plan on moving together, and we will look into bigger office spaces where we can invite others to join in as well if possible.

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