Tuesday, August 12, 2008

citizenspace - a coworking coop

Citizen Space

I came across this Coworking group on flickr. Its called Citizen Space, located in San Francisco and it seems to be a great example of the of this kind of cooperative workspace. The group maintains its own website where they explain their office culture and policies.

They say:

The idea of Citizen Space is to take the best elements of a coffee shop (social, energetic, creative) and the best elements of a workspace (productive, functional) and combine them to give indie workers the chance to have their own, affordable space. Citizen Space was built on coworking philosophy.

In some ways they have an even better description of what the Coworking philosophy is all about. If this idea intrigues you, or you aspire to set up such an office space their site is a worthwhile read. Several members of Citizen Space have flickr accounts and you can find photos from many of their events posted there to get a feeling for their community. And here is a short video about the Coworking idea that they have on their site:

Citizen Space

Flickr search


  1. Thanks for posting about us! While coworking has grown into an international community in the last couple years, it's useful to point out that we helped get coworking started at Citizen Space, and previously at the space we ran now called "Hat Factory".
    Brad Neuberg (present in the video) coined the term and we took it forward. In fact, it was Citizen Space's Tara Hunt that came up with the coworking philosophy.
    I couldn't tell whether you were aware of this, given the way you wrote this post, so I thought I'd just chime in and make these little historical facts known! ;)

  2. I was not at all clear on the history so I appreciate your clarification. I hope some other readers feel free to hit you with some questions?


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