Thursday, November 14, 2013

coworking on National Public Radio

This piece aired on National Public Radio Stations across the country today talks about CoWorking framed as part of what they call the "Sharing Economy". ie Car-Share businesses, Bike Sharing programs, community gardens, even public transit all fall under what they describe the growing culture of sharing. A good piece, an intelligent piece, worth a listen:

How the Sharing Economy is Changing the Places We Work

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

vitra workbay - new cubical paradigm

Vitra Workbay

Vitra's new Workbay office system is a new hybrid of honeycomb modules and traditional cubicles, fusing a number of prior art in office system design into a compelling new model for cubicles. I am calling it the Soft Cube. Look at these diagrams from Vitra's web site:

Vitra Workbay

The planning module here is a horizontally stretched honeycomb, or hexagon. With this horizontal stretch the modules have a bias towards a gridded layout, vs the cellular layout of earlier honeycomb module systems such as Herman Miller's Resolve. The are able to define a nice range of uses in a handful of standard sizes. Meeting cubes, and private office cubes compliment the workstation cube. And there are even special configurations for call center desks, waiting areas, and copier and clerical work areas.

Vitra Workbay

Vitra Workbay

The textile based partition is also reminiscent of Herman Miller's Resolve, but more substantial. Yet the diminutive work surfaces inside these soft cubes is reminiscent of Knoll's A3 fabric covered frame workstations.

Yet where these prior attempts seemed fussy or impractical, the Vitra Workbay seems well solved. Herman Miller's Resolve comes across as complicated, with too many parts, Knoll's A3 as fragile and temporary. Vitra's heavy felted partition walls feel substantial, and the neat fit of the individual modules gives the whole a more substantial and permanent feeling.

Vitra Workbay

Friday, September 21, 2012

workstation/big table desking hybrid

Came across this fascinating hybrid of the shared desk scenario we have come to cal Big Table Desking, and conventional cubby work stations. This blobby mega desk defines a series of individual work stations, but is ambiguous at the edges to make a hybrid shared desk.


Office Greenhouse by OpenAD

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kinnarps sit stand desk, electric

Continuing with the interest in standing desks, here is one of several models available from Swedish office furniture maker Kinnarps.

Kinnarps sit stand desk, electric

You can see a small switch pad at the right with up and down arrows. This lets you zip the desk up and down to suit the working height you wish at a given moment.

Much better photos and more information at their site.

Monday, October 3, 2011

ravenscroft wood desk


A very beautiful wood desk by London furniture designer Leonhard Pfeifer via Design Milk.


I like the mash up of simple trestle desk, classic secretary cubbies, and stark modern detail that this desk brings together. Well done.

Ravenscroft Desk at Design Milk

Saturday, October 1, 2011

creative desks: new feature at blue ant studio blog


The blue ant studio design blog has started a new feature they are calling creative desks. Once a week they will feature the desk/work area of creative worker. Here is how they describe it:

We are excited at blueantstudio! we contacted some of the greatest minds in the industry and ask them to submit a picture of the desk where they work. It's amazing the wide range of design ethos that goes into each individual, ranging from peaceful and minimalistic to organized chaos. We will expand on this series every week and look forward to more in the future.

I love features like this because of what the desks reveal about the individuals relationship with the workplace. In almost all cases these are set up by the user, not somebody plopped in a cubical, or a workspace designed for them.

So tune in to blue ant studio regularly to follow along:

creative desks: blue ant studio

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

vitra's ArchiMeda desk - stand to your heart's delight


With the blossoming interest in standing height desks, I thought I would do a series of posts of desks available that readily adjust for standing height.

The ArchiMeda desk by Vitra includes a powered lift device that controls the work-surface height. It can be adjusted very rapidly from sitting height to standing height without disturbing your work in progress or your cabled accessories.



via Tonic and archiproducts.

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